About us

The veterinarians and nursing staff at Paddington Cat Hospital have a particular love of cats and are dedicated to providing the best possible care for all our patients.

We offer very high quality veterinary services, but being a relatively small veterinary hospital we are also able to offer friendly and personalised attention.

Who we are

Principal Veterinarians
Melissa Catt
Randolph Baral

Associate Veterinarians
Leah Puk
Anita Comyn

Why choose us

We love cats and love nothing better than making a sick cat better or teaching people how to look after their cats better.  We spend a lot of time, effort and money ensuring we stay current with how to look after cats and look forward to imparting this knowledge to you.

Our facilities

Paddington Cat Hospital is a ‘state-of-the-art’ veterinary practice situated at 210 Oxford Street, Paddington.

Cat gallery

See here for our gallery of cats of all shapes, sizes and varieties!

Where we are

Paddington Cat Hospital is  located at 210 Oxford St, Paddington, across the road from the top of Victoria Barracks. This is near Paddington Town Hall and Paddington RSL Club.